Wellness Coaching

Integrate healthy into your life. Are you looking to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve skin quality or increase energy? Would you like to reduce brain fog, afternoon energy lull, rashes, joint pain and moodiness? Let’s get you sharp, happy, and healthy. We incorporate changes to nutrition, stress management, sleep hygiene, hydration, electrolyte/mineral balance and exercise (optional!)

We start with a one week assessment of every aspect of your life, then make simple, easy to execute “upgrades” to your to make big improvements in your overall wellness. Enjoy actively participating in customizing your wellness journey. It’s your journey, let’s go there together!

Wellness Coaching Options

$350* ★ ★ ★ $500* ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ $650*
Identify Simple/Time Effective Strategies for Increasing Activity
Provide Supportive Movement to Minimize Chronic Injuries: (back pain, tendonitis)
Personal/Professional/Sport Coordination:
(optimize workout schedule to get the most out of life and your training!)
Complete Nutrition Guidance: (breakfast, snacks, all meals!)  
Supplement Guidance: (electrolytes, caffeine, vitamins)  
Lab Work Interpretation: (bloodwork, urinalysis, blood pressure, vitals, etc)    
Coordination with Care Providers Regarding Training/Nutrition & Lab Work    
Home & Travel Activity Planning:
“which gym, which trail, which hill, which pool?!”
We find you training groups/settings and routes at home and on the go!
Home & Travel Restaurant/Party Nutrition Guidance:
Ie: “I’m eating dinner at DeAngelo’s Bistro, what should I order?”

*Plans are COMPLETELY custom, we will mix and match as needed to fit YOUR life!

Empowerful Wellness Program

Empowerful wellness coaching is an 8 week group coaching program. We work to make incremental changes to food and lifestyle choices that are sustainable and will move you towards feeling better, having more energy, and long term health gains, and – weight loss where relevant! Do you want to experience coaching but without the high $ ticket? Find accountability that is fun and informative? Then this is the program for you!

8 weeks of incremental changes – all based on whole foods, and sustainable choices under the guidance of our Coaches, including head coach Red Rocket herself. And tackle making changes – because change is about – changing our behavior. And its HARD! Let us be your guides! We meet once a week, virtually for learning, discussion and goal setting.

We Include:

  • Learn how to be in tune with appetite – listen to your body
  • Learn to view food as fuel and nourishment
  • Learn how to make great food choices
  • Learn how meal preparation is your friend
  • Figure out what exercise is right for you for meet your goals
  • Figure out ways to optimize weight (and lose some if needed)
  • Learn how to find and adapt new recipes
  • And – to facilitate better health through focusing on whole foods and self care



Since I started [with RRR] I no longer have to get my twice weekly allergy shots.
– Raz Giese

In late 2018 I was told was pre-diabetic despite being a triathlete. The last thing I wanted to do was become a full diabetic on medicine, so I needed help. One of my friends recommended working with Christy (aka Rocket) to help with nutrition as well as triathlon goals. Two years and 40+ pounds gone later, I am the healthiest my doctor has ever seen me. I was not pre-diabetic after six months of working with Rocket and have not come close ever since. I even inspired my husband to start working with Ben as a coach and now we chase each other on the bike challenging each other and loving going to Rocket camps together. Can’t recommend the coaches at Rocket Revolution enough.
– Hillary Crabtree